12 classes, 2 hours each:
$250 for 12 classes, $460 for a couple.

This course introduces you to the key concepts of fine art. Each lesson starts with explanation and examples from the art history.​ Even a complete beginner by the end of this course will be able to paint a portrait and create a composition with one or several human figures from scratch. Recommended for beginners and for art lovers who'd like to refresh and pull their skills together.

1. The Silhouette lesson. Learning to assess proportions, adjust the drawing to the paper size, and develop eye-hand coordination.
2. The Durer lesson. In this lesson you will learn the evolution of 3-dimensional space on 2-dimensional surface throughout the history of philosophy and art, and master Renaissance perspective.
3. The Miro lesson. Learning the key concepts of composition, such as line, shape, weight, movement, and the relationship of objects within the picture. A short lecture on history of abstract art opens this lesson.
4. The Caravaggio lesson. Learning and mastering the concept of light and shadow.
5. The Cezanne lesson. Learning to obtain the desired color by mixing, and painting a simple still life.
6. The Escher lesson. Learning to draw small objects precisely.
7. The Chardin lesson-1. Learning to compose and paint a complicated still life, from start to finish.
8. The Chardin lesson-2. Developing and finishing the still life, learning to make final touches.
9. The Holbein lesson-1. Learning the proportions of the human head, and drawing an alabaster head.
10. The Holbein lesson-2. Drawing a portrait from a live model.
11. The Degas lesson. Learning human proportions and some aspects of human anatomy. This lessons ends up with series of sketches of wooden and live figures.
12. The Gaugin lesson. This lesson sums up everything learned during the course. You will create a composition with one or several human figures from start to successful finish.​

Adult Art Course (Key Elements of Fine Arts)

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    Our calendar for the 2020-2021 school year:

    First day of classes - Monday 8/31/20
    Labor Day weekend - NO CLASSES - Saturday 9/5/20 - Monday 9/7/20
    Thanksgiving break - NO CLASSES - Monday 11/23/20 - Sunday 11/29/20
    Christmas break - NO CLASSES - Monday 12/21/20 - Sunday 1/3/21
    Last day of classes - Friday 5/28/21

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