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Best Art Classes for Kids in Marin
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San Rafael Painting for Adults
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Outdoor Painting Art Class in San Rafael
Outdoor Oil Painting classes
Creative Teen Art Classes San Jose
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Kids painting classes in San Rafael
Plein Air Painting Class for Adults
Summer Art Camps in San Rafael
Painting Classes San Jose
Adult Watercolor Class in Marin
Advanced art camps San Jose

We teach art fundamentals in a modern way

Pacific Standard Time

Creative thinking, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, form analysis, figure drawing, portraits, landscapes, composition, art history, manga, art school portfolio prep.

Draw exactly what you want, the way you want it

Learn to fluently draw any subject from real life or your imagination using any art medium available to you. Learn to take your work from sketch to the final product through a sequence of creative choices. That creative thinking can be applied in other areas of your life.

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Create your own original art

Apply art fundamentals you learn with us to your own original ideas without copying the work made by someone else. It will help you to develop a better connection with yourself, know what you want, and how to reach your goals.

Students stay with us for years

We are proud of amazing young artists, designers, and creative thinkers, raised in our studios. Check out the portfolio of Maria Teplova, our dedicated student from age 7 to 18, accepted into the top art colleges of the US.

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Concept Art with AI

12 - 18 yrs

Online 6/10-14

Learn how to use Generative AI in concept design with a help of a professional concept artist

Watercolor 101

10 - 16 yrs

SR 7/8-12

SF 7/22-26

MV 7/29-8/2

SJ 8/5-9

Online 7/8-12

Learn Eastern & European watercolor techniques: wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, use reserves and underpainting.

World of Illustration

8 - 12 yrs

MV 6/3-7

SJ 6/10-14

SF 6/24-28

SR 6/24-28

MV 7/15-19

Online 7/29 - 8/2

Master art fundamentals and learn to compose an image that tells a compelling tale.


10 - 16 yrs

SJ 6/3-7

SF, MV, SJ 7/1-3 (3 days)

SF 7/29-8/2

MV 7/22-26

SR 8/5-9

Online 7/15-19

Come join fellow fans of comics and animated shows to take your manga drawing skills to the next level!

Online teachers:
John De Pianto
John De Pianto
Ali Naqvi
Ali Naqvi

Online Classes Schedule - Summer 2024:

Classes we offer:

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ages 4-12


Our classes for kids combine fine art and creative exploration. The curriculum is designed to broaden horizons and nurture essential artistic skills. Early instruction provides a solid foundation for self-expression. From mastering silhouettes with Greek vase designs to finding compositional inspiration in abstract art, our students immerse themselves in exciting challenges that ignite their creativity. 

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ages 13-18


Art classes designed exclusively for teens.

Master the art of drawing and painting and create remarkable pieces that will make your portfolio stand out.

Our programs include: art fundamentals, Manga, design, illustration, portrait and human figure drawing, painting, and sculpture.

We honor each student’s artistic identity and offer individual support throughout their creative journey. 

Rectangle 127.png

18 +


We have created art program that is both highly effective and accessible for busy professionals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our courses will teach you how to paint captivating portraits and create compositions. Dive into our workshops dedicated to oil, acrylics, pastels, and watercolor, where you’ll master these artistic mediums and take your skills to to the next level!


Pacific Standard Time


My kids have been taking online classes for over a year now with John DePianto, and he is marvelous — very talented, patient, and kind. His classes are creative and zen, and the mediums vary: painting, drawing, and clay, and the kids get to learn about different cultural approaches to art. My kids love it.

Ashley Proctor


I take the watercolor 101 online course and it is good! I learned basic watercolor concept and did still life paintings and portrait. I enjoy the class very much.



Finally I found online art classes which working for my 9yo!  Teachers are deeply involved and helping a lot, my child is fully engaged and the result is impressive. This online learning isn’t easy to manage and I’m so glad to find teachers who can successfully teach kids online

Maria Elterman


Our son attended Art School of SF Bay‘s Art Camp online for the last 3 weeks. He really had a great learning experience and during this period of Sheltering in Place, was an activity that he very much looked forward to each day.
He had Katerina as his teacher. She took a very challenging task of teaching online and did a fantastic job. She provided patience and encouragement, both of which our son really responds to at his age. But she also provided discipline when necessary to ensure he was listening to her and paying attention to the lesson (again very difficult to do via Zoom). We can see the change with our son as he is much happier and has much fewer negative episodes compared to before he started Art Camp. We feel his confidence has greatly improved with his Art and he’s learned techniques which has resulted in Art being much more satisfying for him. Most important of all, he is much more confident with himself.
We are looking forward to him continuing with Art School of SF Bay and when conditions return to normal, for him to benefit by being able to take lessons at their Art School location.

Steve Lem


My daughter attended a week of virtual summer camp at Art School of SF Bay. She absolutely loved her experience. Her teacher, Maria, was very helpful and very knowledgeable. Not only she managed to challenge and inspire my daughter, she also was able to provide pretty detailed and constructive feedback which helped my daughter to improve her work and made her eager to continue her art exploration.

Irina Krupnik


I enjoyed taking an Adult Course of Art School of SF Bay. One of the things that I liked is that I did not need to bring anything for class or buy anything for class. All the supplies were given to us in the class. You have to pay $360 for 12 sessions but this is allright with me. The course had variety from day to day, from acrylic painting, drawing with pencils to designing pictures out of paper. The instructor, Cody Blocker, was clear in explaining and giving tips regarding perspective drawing, drawing of the face, composition, layering paint, coloring, use of pencils, etc. I liked it and I registered for another course in this school.

Svelana Birger


Very good art school! Teachers are professional and helpful. You can really learn stuff here. My kid has been attending the class for over a year and just loves it. Highly recommend!

Lianlian W


Art School of SF has been fabulous for our teenage daughter. Online classes work well and offer lots of flexibility for busy teens!

Kerry Aradhya


I’ve learned so much in the many years that I’ve attended the Art School of SF Bay. The teachers are great and my progress as an artist is tremendous. I’m super glad to be a part of this community and more great experiences are yet to come. Highly recommend!

Polina Van Hulsen


You learn about many different areas of art through videos, lessons, projects, and more. You get to choose a topic to study, and the teachers are very good at what they do! ( Teen’s Class )

Kie Kitagawa


We used zoom to have the lecture. Maria will present using procreate, and we send back the work using email for critique.

Jason Jin


My child really enjoys this class as it allows her to use her creativity to develop story telling in her drawing.  The format is great, and it allows for her to be able to feel comfortable in the class.  If there is feedback for her to improve her art and what to work on for "homework" for the next class then there is a good continuation for her to work on something consistently.  Just little reminders for the younger kids like mine.

Sonya Jones


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