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Luka Fernandez

Luka Fernandez


San Francisco studio

Luka Fernandez was born in the Bay Area but grew up in Lima, Peru. He later graduated from an arts-oriented high school in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has become a self taught professional by beginning freelance commission work in 2016. Since then he has been creating character designs, concept art, and illustrations. Most of his client work is done with digital tools, but he enjoys using a variety of traditional media in his studies and personal pieces including watercolor, graphite, ink and markers, as well as acrylic paint.

Luka specializes in draftsmanship, visual development, character design, and life drawing; he also has a great passion for art theory and strives to make art fundamentals accessible to artists of all ages and skill levels. His work has been shown locally at the Mission Cultural Center and Queer Arts Featured in the Castro. He can usually be found tending to his houseplants, drawing on his tablet, or playing video games.

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