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Masha Ashikhmina

Masha Ashikhmina

Teacher, SJ studio manager

San Jose & Mountain View studios

Graphic and stage set designer, illustrator.

Graduated from the Moscow State Textile University and British Higher School of Art and Design.

Worked at branding companies and advertising agencies, TV and theatre.

Adores illustrating children books, loves comics and graphic novels, spends her spare time sketching.


From a very young age Masha was constantly drawing, painting, composing, and telling stories through pictures. Her love for art has enable her explore several mediums of art and craft including all types of water-based and oil paintings, sculpting, fabric painting, crafting with different materials and sketching. She believes that sharing this knowledge with children will help them to develop strong artistic skills and will expand their ability to express themselves.

Masha is the author of the Soft and Oil Painting Curriculum.

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