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Kids painting classes in San Rafael
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We teach art fundamentals in a modern way

1510 4th Street, San Rafael CA 94901 (Marin County)

Creative thinking, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, form analysis, figure drawing, portraits, landscapes, composition, art history, manga, art school portfolio prep.

Draw exactly what you want, the way you want it

Learn to fluently draw any subject from real life or your imagination using any art medium available to you. Learn to take your work from sketch to the final product through a sequence of creative choices. That creative thinking can be applied in other areas of your life.

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Create your own original art

Apply art fundamentals you learn with us to your own original ideas without copying the work made by someone else. It will help you to develop a better connection with yourself, know what you want, and how to reach your goals.

Students stay with us for years

We are proud of amazing young artists, designers, and creative thinkers, raised in our studios. Check out the portfolio of Maria Teplova, our dedicated student from age 7 to 18, accepted into the top art colleges of the US.

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San Francisco, San Rafael, San Jose, Mountain View, and online!

Registration opens on February 1st.

San Rafael teachers:
Hana Buechel
Hana Buechel
Cody Blocker
Cody Blocker

San Rafael Marin Studio Schedule - Spring 2024:

Classes we offer:

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ages 4-12


Our classes for kids combine fine art and creative exploration. The curriculum is designed to broaden horizons and nurture essential artistic skills. Early instruction provides a solid foundation for self-expression. From mastering silhouettes with Greek vase designs to finding compositional inspiration in abstract art, our students immerse themselves in exciting challenges that ignite their creativity. 

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ages 13-18


Art classes designed exclusively for teens.

Master the art of drawing and painting and create remarkable pieces that will make your portfolio stand out.

Our programs include: art fundamentals, Manga, design, illustration, portrait and human figure drawing, painting, and sculpture.

We honor each student’s artistic identity and offer individual support throughout their creative journey. 

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18 +


We have created art program that is both highly effective and accessible for busy professionals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to enhance your skills, our courses will teach you how to paint captivating portraits and create compositions. Dive into our workshops dedicated to oil, acrylics, pastels, and watercolor, where you’ll master these artistic mediums and take your skills to to the next level!


1510 4th Street, San Rafael CA 94901 (Marin County)


I enrolled in the art class with no expectations, but it turned out to be a transformative experience. Cody's guidance, providing helpful techniques, reignited my passion for drawing, and after each class, I was eagerly looking forward to the next one. Already thinking of enrolling in Oil & Acrylic classes next semester.

Inessa Imayeva


My daughter is currently taking classes at Art School of SF Bay, and she loves it! The content is interesting, engaging and relevant. They learn new techniques through different mediums each week. Her instructor is a very qualified artist, who is patient and kind with the students. The space is clean and inspiring! I cannot wait to see how she grows artistically through this fabulous program.

Bethany W.


Great classes for varying levels of experience. The adult intro to art course is a great way to get back into art if you haven’t practiced in awhile! Cody is a fabulous teacher and makes class fun and interactive.

Olivia Wind


I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Cody during my plein air painting class with Art School of SF Bay. He is knowledgeable and approachable, teaching us about composition, color theory, and blending while encouraging us to "just go for it" and not get intimidated by technique concerns. His guidance illuminated both how we could manifest our ideas on canvas and take them to the next level. I'm excited to develop my skills via future projects and keep painting en plein air!

Divya Singh


My daughter has just completed her second class with teacher Cody.  He is a devoted and organized art teacher and she has learned a ton.  The class was focused on many aspects of art and techniques including drawing, water color and perspective.  Thank you so much Cody!  Ever will be back to your class.

amy cole


Teacher Cody hosted a paint night at Pond Farm Brewery just down the road. It was so well prepared and so much fun! We all got to chose our own impressionist painting, and he guided us through best practices on color matching, texture, and composition. Would 100% recommend to a friend and hope he does more!

Madeline Grubman


Art School of SF Bay is wonderful! They make it easy to register and communicate with. Cody is wonderful teacher - his teaching style is approachable and takes the time to clearly articulate multiple approaches / styles and provides the space for students to explore new concepts.

Jennifer VanderWeele


I signed up for the portrait painting lessons with Cody Blocker. I had zero experience drawing or painting. I was able to start with zero and take it to 100 in a few sessions. Cody takes the mystery out of painting and allows you to reach your full potential! He is a wonderful teacher - very patient and supportive, and always there if you need  help. I highly recommend his classes for anyone who wants to explore their creativity in a safe zone.



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