Classes for adults

We help adult art students master various acrylics, oil, watercolor techniques, and refresh the art fundamentals needed for successful representational drawing and painting.  Please find the right fit below and join us for a creative journey! 



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We offer adult classes in-studio and online, live, and in small groups (6-12 students).

Reasons to choose an online class:

1) Transportation:

  • You don't want to drive (and wait in traffic).

  • you do not live near our studios.

  • you want to take a class together with a distant friend.


2) Demonstration:

  • You prefer to see all demonstrations in detail on your screen, not from behind someone's back.

  • Besides live demonstrations, we send out pre-recorded instructional videos, and your connection won't affect their quality.


3) Corrections:

  • All corrections are made on a digital version of your work and sent to you immediately. You can add corrections while looking at the screen.

3) Artspace:

  • You can find a spot at your home where you can set up a small painting station: a large table (ideally covered by recyclable plastic), paints, water of thinner, pallete, brushes, and, of course, a computer with a medium to large size screen.

  • You have, or can purchase art materials required for the class.

5) Physical contact:

  • none

Reasons to choose an in-person art class:

1) Transportation:

You live near one of our studios: 

  • 1603 Irving street, San Francisco CA 954122

  • 2105 Old Middlefield Way #D, Mountain View CA 94043

  • 700 S Winchester Boulevard, San Jose CA 95128

2) Demonstration:

  • You don't mind seeing demonstration from a safe distance

3) Corrections:

  • You don't mind the teacher correcting some elements on your work.


4) Artspace​

  • You prefer to leave home for your art class

  • You prefer to have art materials prepared and provided to you at the studio (but still, if you are studying art, it's a good idea to have some art materials at home to practice).

3) Physical contact:

  • You love being surrounded by the fellow art lovers.

  • You don't mind wearing a mask, and keeping at least 3 feet distance between yourself and other students while you are at a studio.


Key Elements of Fine Arts

(Adult Art Course)

(Beginners & Intermediate)

2 hours


San Jose:

starts on 10/21/2021


starts on 10/27/2021

This course introduces you to the key concepts of fine art. Each lesson starts with explanation and examples from the art history.​ Even a complete begeinner by the end of this course will be able to paint a portrait and create a composition with one or several human figures from scratch. Recommended for beginners and for art lovers who'd like to refresh and pull their skills together.


Acrylic and Oil Painting Class


2 hours weekly


San Jose:

starts on 11/5/2021

San Francisco:

starts on 1/7/2022

This course will help art lovers master various methods of oil and acrylic painting, and find a personal unique style! We will work on painting nature: landscape composition, clouds, waves, waterfalls, trees, sun spots; learn to represent texture of various objects; we will practice expressing character and emotions in portraits, set up the mood of the painting, and deliver the right artistic message through it. 



Pastels, Acrylic, and Oil Painting Class


2 hours weekly


Mountain View:

starts on 10/15/2021

Pastels: 10/15-11/12

Acrylics: 11/19 - 1/7

Oils: 1/14 -2/11

This course is similar to the previous one, but with the addition of pastels technique. Students will master various methods of pastels, oil, and acrylic painting, work on landscapes, still lifes, and portraits using the full range of opaque art mediums.


A model posing for Advanced Adults in Mo

Advanced Adults Class (open studio)

(Intermediate & Advanced)

2 hours


not available at the moment

This course helps to organize and expand your artistic knowledge.


If you have experience in drawing and painting, and want to move your skills to the next level; if you have a particular goal in mind, and seeking a professional advice; if you enjoy working on your projects among other artists - this class is for you. Projects vary from figure drawing / portrait painting to creative compositions. Students request topics they would like to work on.


Oil Painting Class:

Old Masters Technique

(intermediate and advanced)

San Francisco

Starts on 11/5/2021

Mountain View

Starts on 1/14/ 2022

San Jose

Starts on 1/28/ 2022

Master the effects of glowing skin, soft shadows, silky hair and unforgettable eyes! Learn to use traditional oil painting technique of XVII century, leading your work from the grisaille underpainting to glazes.


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 9.47.48 AM.png

Watercolor 101 Class

(Beginners & Intermediate)


starts on 11/11/2021

This workshop covers everything you need to know about watercolor to use it fluently in your projects: how to mix colors, use washes, work from light to dark, use reserve and  additives, and even such advanced technique as watercolor underpainting. You will learn the science behind the watercolor fluorescent colors, learn how to lead your work, what to do to prevent and fix watercolor accidents. We will try our hands in both Classical European and Eastern watercolor styles. By the end of the course, students will paint a portrait of a pet, a portrait of a loved one, a couple of watercolor landscapes, and plenty of small studies, and a final project of a choice.


Pastels & Mixed Media Class

(Intermediate & Advanced)


not available at the moment

Pastels can be so much more than simple crayons and quick sketches! Since 16 century it was used by many great artists to create unique paintings. In this course, we will study not only different techniques but also talk about composition and color theory, to master your painting skills.

Advanced Adult Art course student Maria
Meitali and her study of Apollo
2016-06-08 19.53.22 copy
Portrait of a cat by an Advanced Adult Art Course student
2017-03-03 20.16.04
Paula’s exercise in color exaggeration
2017-03-01 20.07.41
2017-03-01 20.03.56
2017-03-14 20.21.51
2017-02-10 20.02.54
2015-05-06 19.16.15 HDR
2016-07-27 17.19.15
2017-03-03 20.00.52
2017-02-10 18.52.52