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Online, in San Francisco, Mountain View and San Jose

Manga, Comic, Character Design, Beginner and Advanced Realistic Drawing & Painting, Illustration, Digital Painting, 3D modelling, Animation, Watercolor, Pastels, Oil, Sculpting, Painting Nature, and more!

Wall-Winter weekly classes and workshops registration has started:

Not just unique works of art.  Not only strong portfolio pieces. Our students bring home a whole new set of skills that helps them to improve their performance dramatically. We support each creative individual, gently guiding through all steps of the creative process.


are originally planned based on the current health order directive which required a stable cohort for a minimum of 3 weeks. Now we can offer 1-week long camps. Each week within a session is dedicated to a different topic and our teachers we will keep your campers entertained, engaged and safe.

Learn more about our in-studio class safety .


are being taught via Zoom. Students will need access to a computer / tablet / phone with internet connection and, a working camera and a microphone. Teacher starts a class with the lecture and demonstration (some lectures can be pre-recorded). Students start working and show their works to the teacher upon request (every 7-10 minutes). Teacher checks and corrects the digital image of a student's work, explaining what works in a particular case and what does not, and why. 

All materials needed are included in price, and will be shipped to you.

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Select art camps by location:

SAN JOSE art camps 1 week: $250/$480  3 weeks: $700/$1200
SAN FRANCISCO art camps 1 week: $250/$480  3 weeks: $700/$1200