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Austin Bath

Austin Bath


San Francisco studio

Austin Bath is a freelance character artist and 3D modeler. His passions include manga, digital sculpture, and 3D printing. He is an avid cyclist and Gundam enthusiast. His motto is “Draw Everyday.”

Austin is the author of the Adult Manga curriculum.

A Chen

I've been taking adult drawing and painting classes at the Art School of SF Bay San Francisco for almost a year now, running the gamut from watercolor to acrylic to oil painting to manga drawing to figure drawing. My time here has been nothing short of incredible (and I still plan to take more classes as there's always so much more to learn); in every course I've taken, I've been guided by friendly and passionate teachers who genuinely care about their students and helping them to improve, and who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with everyone every class. Austin, Cody, Hana, Hannah, and Katerina are all amazing and I've learned so much from all of them. However, I want to give an especial shout-out to Austin for really helping me to grow creatively; every manga art class, he brings an extraordinary love for the craft and even art as a lifestyle that has been absolutely invaluable in guiding me on my artistic journey, and through him I've been exposed to many amazing artists I didn't know of before (like Yoh Yoshinari, Joe Mad, Tsutomu Nihei, and Kim Jung Gi, among many many others). His passion for art reminds me of why I draw and inspires me to keep going, and I owe so much to him and his teaching.

I do also want to mention that the space itself is clean and well outfitted, equipped, and decorated, so it's a very cozy and comfortable place. The school provides any needed supplies, like watercolor palettes, oil and acrylic paints, canvases, and bristol paper, which is very convenient for anyone just getting off of work for an evening class. I absolutely love this place and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their art skills or to just have fun making art.

Esther Farler-Westphal

Loved working with Austin in the adult figure drawing class. I made a enormous progress in my skills, but most importantly it was approachable and fun. Figure drawing can be incredibly frustrating and Austin really helped me stay motivated to keep practicing.

Khristine K.

Manhattan, NY

I've taken 2 classes at art school of sf bay, The adult art class with Cody and the manga for

Adults class with Austin. Both have been great and I would highly recommend! It's been a fun experience to learn and meet other likeminded people.

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