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Cody Blocker

Cody Blocker

Teacher, SR studio manager

San Francisco & San Rafael studios

Cody Blocker was born and raised in the Bay Area and graduated from California College of the Arts in 2014 with a BFA in Illustration. 


He has been working as a professional artist and graphic designer ever since, having developed a particular liking for concert posters and portraiture. His work has been included in the Society of Illustrators annual, and in 2019 he was awarded Album Design of the Year by the Independent Music Awards. Clients include Facebook, Live Nation, The Historic Fillmore, and a variety of other concert venues & musicians.


Cody loves experimenting with new mediums and he is constantly getting inspired by the work of other artists. He can be found sitting by himself, quietly sketching in the cafes and restaurants of Marin County.

adrian tout

Cody is a brilliant teacher who was able to provide great advice on how to improve my painting. His guidance helped me to develop techniques which included (not limited to) perspective and composition, use of colors, brush technique, applying light and shade; to basic geometry. Cody (and the team) took the time to develop these and other skills.... I would highly recommend.

Tess H.

Wonderful school and just what I was looking for as an adult beginning art.  I learned so much from our teacher Cody Blocker in our Old Master's Oil Painting.  Each class started with a small instructional on technique and Cody guided each of us at our different levels.

He made each class super fun and at the same time I could see my progress each week.  I always left elated at what I just learned. I was surprised to find how much art, the class, my classmates, the community, and Cody's mentoring would mean to me.  I'm obsessed with learning more.  and I'm sad he'll be moving to the San Rafael branch!  Marin is lucky to have him.  Checkout his website, he's won album cover awards!  And he has a great playlist!

Adriana Padilla Roger

I am incredibly grateful I found the Art School of SF Bay! I loved taking the painting course with Cody Blocker as my teacher. I had lots of painting experience when I was younger but stopped making art during high school. I returned to painting in my late twenties, and Cody's class was the perfect place to reinforce techniques I wanted to refresh and pick up new ones. I never felt too behind or too advanced. Cody tailored every lesson in a way that met each student's needs. His pointers and guidance truly elevated my work and abilities. My confidence and capacity to expand my art practice have increased so much! I followed up the painting class with the figure drawing course, which I highly recommend too!


I signed up for the portrait painting lessons with Cody Blocker. I had zero experience drawing or painting. I was able to start with zero and take it to 100 in a few sessions. Cody takes the mystery out of painting and allows you to reach your full potential! He is a wonderful teacher - very patient and supportive, and always there if you need help. I highly recommend his classes for anyone who wants to explore their creativity in a safe zone.

Monica Yao

I had a great time taking classes with instructor Cody. He is extremely knowledgeable, and is able to answer any question that I have. He has not only helped me improve my skills with acrylics, but introduced me to a new hobby (outdoor sketching). Through Cody, I have also learned about interesting classical + modern artists who I would have never discovered otherwise. I definitely recommend taking a class with Cody! I'll be sad that he won't be at the SF location as much anymore!

Miri Miller

I have really enjoyed the painting classes (Acrylic and Oil Painting and the Plein Air )from Cody. Both were so different and insightful. I really enjoyed the teaching style and the type of things I was working on. I highly recommend taking these classes. They are well thought out and I enjoyed the instructional yet hands off approach of these classes.

Sophia Sharifi

I recently took the 4 week Outdoor Sketching course with Cody and it was such a great experience! The instructor created a very welcoming environment for artists of all levels and I found it was accommodating towards beginners given I had little art experience prior to taking the class. Very excited to enroll in more classes with the school in the future :-)

A Chen

I've taken a lot of classes for adults at the San Francisco Irving St location with the teachers who will be teaching in San Rafael, and I absolutely recommend them! Cody's a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share and I keep coming back to the classes he teaches over and over (already learned portraits, oil and acrylic, outdoor sketching, and plein air oil with him, in repeat sessions too). I've also taken Watercolor 101 with Hana and she does a fantastic job and goes over tons of art fundamentals and principles and watercolor techniques in a very easy to understand way (and she also has a ton of knowledge on other topics like comics and animation as well)! Definitely recommend the art classes here.

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