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Gary Laib

Gary Laib


San Francisco Studio

Gary Laib has been a concept artist and illustrator in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty years.

He’s worked with such companies as Blizzard, Wizards of The Coast, Ubisoft, Cryptic Studios, NC Soft West, and even Ralph Lauren. He is the author and illustrator of an upcoming fantasy series and is currently working as the illustrator of a new children’s book series through Marble Press. He’s worked as a brand ambassador for The General Pencil Company as well as Derwent and has been mentoring and tutoring artists for the past several years. Gary also teaches a story-driven character design course through Brainstorm School- an online industry-focused art school.

Gary’s approach to teaching is one of ease and inclusion. He is of the firm belief that you get out of art what you put into it. He teaches from a place of self-discovery and learning as well as a fair amount of humor. Gary is a huge fan of the fantastical and whimsical and works to support his students as much as he can in their chosen career paths.

Gary specializes in character design, visual development and illustration, and works in both digital and traditional mediums. He also works as a script writer, voice actor, stage actor, and professional

magician... he’s very busy.

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