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Character Design



2 hours weekly,

14 classes: $480

High-quality art materials are included into the in-studio price. Sibling 15% off)

This course teaches character design from the ground up: starting with fundamentals like anatomy, gesture, and shape design. Students will learn to create original characters from scratch. Bring your sketchbooks or drawing tablets, instruction will be provided for both digital and traditional media!

DAY 1.  Character: Realistic Head Drawing
DAY 2. Character: Stylized Head Drawing
DAY 3.  Character: Realistic Human Anatomy
DAY 4. Character: Stylized Human Anatomy
DAY 5.  Character: Creating a unique character: drafting and outlining.

DAY 6.  Character: Creating a unique character: coloring and finalizing the drawing.
DAY 7. Concept Art: Perspective and Backgrounds.
DAY 8.  Concept Art: Vehicles and moving objects
DAY 9. Concept Art: Weapons and Tools.
DAY 10. Concept Art: Animals and Creatures
DAY 11.  Concept Art: Creating character’s companion and surroundings.
DAYS 12. Final Project - Full-color illustration: drafting and outlining.

DAYS 13. Final Project - Full-color illustration: coloring, working on details.

Day 14: Final Project - Full-color illustration: finalizing.


sketchbook (or sketch paper)
- bristol or mixed use paper 
- pencil
- eraser
- ruler
- colored pencils
- markers (brush tip preferred)
- black liner

Day & Time
Class Teacher

Materials we provide for in-studio classes,

and recommend for the online lessons:

- set of acrylic paint (at least these colors - black, white. red. blue. yellow, green. brown, orange, purple). Recommended brand - Basics by Liquitex 
- watercolor paint, preferably in dry pans form. Recommended brand - Artist’s Loft by Michaels
Set of soft pastels. Recommended brand - Artist’s Loft by Michaels 

Drawing Medium:
- regular HB pencil
- eraser
- optional: set of graphite pencils of different softness (2H, H, B, 2B, 4B etc)
- colored pencils. Recommended brand - Prismacolor 
- optional: markers. Recommended brand - Copics 
- liners or sharpie pens. 

- brushes - flat and round (pointy). Use separate brushes for acrylic and watercolor paint.
- wooden clay sculpting tools
- paper plates for mixing paint
- water bucket or cup
- scissors 
- glue stick

- Air-dry clay - white. Recommended brand - Crayola 
- Oven baked clay - white. Recommended brand - Sculpey 
- Modeling clay - multiple colors. Recommended brand - Claytoon 

- painting boards or mixed media paper, 8’’x10'’ or bigger - good for acrylic paint, coloring pencils, markers and graphite pencils.
- canvases, 8’’x10’’ or bigger - for acrylic paint only
- watercolor paper, 8’’x10’’ or bigger - for watercolor paint
- sketchbook or loose sketch paper (printing paper is ok) - any size
- construction paper (multiple colors), 11’’x14’’ or bigger

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