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National Scholastic Art Gold Medal won by Polina Van Hulsen

Congratulations to our student Polina Van Hulsen on receiving the most honorable young artists award in the USA! Here is the message from her mom:

“Polina won a National Scholastic Art Gold Medal Award for her digital artwork. She also won the Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon for that work (four students awarded in the entire U.S.). Polina will be attending the award ceremony in Carnegie Hall in NYC in June, and her work will be in the 2022 Best Teen Art publication. Polina would not have achieved this recognition without your continuous mentorship and teaching. Thank you so much for all you’re doing for Polina!

Before the 2022 National Gold Medal, Polina won 8 regional scholastic awards in 2022, including 5 Gold Medals.”

Congratulations, Polina! We are so proud to have you among our students!

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