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Reasons to Choose an Online VS In-Studio Class

Reasons to choose an online art class:

1) Transportation:

  • You don't want to drive (and wait in traffic).

  • you do not live near our studios.

  • you want to take a class together with a distant friend.

2) Demonstration:

  • You prefer to see all demonstrations in detail on your screen, not from behind someone's back.

  • Besides live demonstrations, we send out pre-recorded instructional videos, and your connection won't affect their quality.

3) Corrections:

  • All corrections are made on a digital version of your work and sent to you immediately. You can add corrections while looking at the screen.

3) Artspace:

  • You can find a spot at your home where you can set up a small painting station: a large table (ideally covered by recyclable plastic), paints, water of thinner, pallete, brushes, and, of course, a computer with a medium to large size screen.

  • You have, or can purchase art materials required for the class.

5) Physical contact:

  • none

Reasons to choose an in-person art class:

1) Transportation:

You live near one of our studios:

  • 1603 Irving street, San Francisco CA 954122

  • 2105 Old Middlefield Way #D, Mountain View CA 94043

  • 700 S Winchester Boulevard, San Jose CA 95128

2) Demonstration:

  • You don't mind seeing demonstration from a safe distance

3) Corrections:

  • You don't mind the teacher correcting some elements on your work.

4) Artspace​

  • You prefer to leave home for your art class

  • You prefer to have art materials prepared and provided to you at the studio (but still, if you are studying art, it's a good idea to have some art materials at home to practice).

3) Physical contact:

  • You love being surrounded by the fellow art lovers.

  • You don't mind wearing a mask, and keeping at least 3 feet distance between yourself and other students while you are at a studio.

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