Ages 10-16 
$250 half day (9am-12pm or 12:30 pm-3:30pm)
$480 full day (9am-3:30pm)


Ever had an awesome idea for a story or a picture but didn't know how to make it happen? Come join fellow fans of comics and animated shows to take your drawing skills to the next level! This five-day camp offers a freeform project-based experience where students can create comics and illustrations of their favorite characters, both original or from existing media, while being guided with advice for anatomy and proportion, posing, perspective, composition, color choice, and the process from sketching to inking to coloring.


Sign up times are available for half-day (choice between morning 9am-12pm and afternoon 12:30pm-3:30pm), or full day (9am - 3:30pm). Full day sign-ups offer more lab time available with the teacher,  lectures will be repeated for the afternoon arrivals to keep everyone on the same page from day to day.


Bring your own lunch and snacks. 

High-quality art materials provided.


Please select time:
  • Dates: March 25-29, 2019

    Address: 2424 Clement street, San Francisco CA 94121

  • Day 1: Introduction

    • Introduction to drawing people. We will go over proportions, structure, and tips for drawing gestures and dynamic poses. The focus will be to create a character or a group of characters each student will use to base their own story around.
    • At this point, students will also brainstorm the plot of their stories that they want to create a comic about. Anything between episodic comics and a continuous story is acceptable. Today is mostly a day for illustrations and brainstorming.


    Day 2: Sketching and planning!

    • Composition, Panelling (camera angles), and perspective. Today, we will make the first page of a comic, just to give it a try! We will be doing “choose your own adventure”, where the comic ends on a choice, and the second page is decided by a class vote (comics are passed around and tallied for votes). At this point, just illustrations are also fine.


    Day 3: Backgrounds and color/value

    • After creating characters and a story, it’s important not to neglect the environment! Color and tone are important storytelling tools. In addition to backgrounds, colors, and lighting tips, we will go over non-standard panelling and tips for colors in visual storytelling.
    • Today, we begin drafting the pages for our comics! They will be done on 8x11” sheets of paper, folded halfway for a book-format. Today, the goal is to get the entire comic sketched out (or two pages complete).
    • Once the goal for the book is complete, students can instead choose to do illustrations or sketches.


    Day 4: Continue the story!

    • Start with warm-up sketches and gestures using reference -- which can be turned into design projects.
    • Monster and fantasy creature designs! The we will go over tips for feathers, scales, fur, etc.
    • Continue working on the comic! The goal is to get another two pages done. Hopefully, the story should be complete now, but if not, there is still another day to finish it.


    Day 5:

    • Today, we finish the book completely. Create a cover for the little booklet and put on the finishing touches!
    • The rest of the day is free-draw. Students are encouraged to create fanart of each others’ work or create crossover short comics.
    • Topic is ‘alternate universe’! What would the character look like but in a different era or world? Or a fantasy race mashup? Draw it out!

Our calendar for the 2020-2021 school year:

First day of classes - Monday 8/31/20
Labor Day weekend - NO CLASSES - Saturday 9/5/20 - Monday 9/7/20
Thanksgiving break - NO CLASSES - Monday 11/23/20 - Sunday 11/29/20
Christmas break - NO CLASSES - Monday 12/21/20 - Sunday 1/3/21
Last day of classes - Friday 5/28/21

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