Vivid imagination of youths and rational thinking of adults, excellent memory and instant creativity, this amazing age has all the learning benefits you can imagine. Sometimes it's hard to believe how much a kid of this age can learn during one two-hour lesson.


​Only... if he or she is interested. Luckily, art history provides an endless source of interesting stories and objects, not to mention masterpieces of all kinds!  So after several years of experiments we developed a method, that combines practical art lessons with a kid-friendly study of art history.​


Each lesson is dedicated to some epoch and starts with a short lecture, briefly touching on philosophy, history, and art of that period.Then we focus on some art phenomena that happened during that time, and for the rest of the lesson we study it in practice.

SJ 8-12 yrs

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  • JUNE: Modern Art:


    June 1: Picasso and cubism: incorporating stages of motion into a drawing. Pastels.


    June 8: Henry Mattise and colorful silhouettes: creating a still life from nature using paper cutouts.


    June 15: Gustav Klimt: Including ornaments into realistic drawings. Markers, color pencils.


    June 22: Alberto Giacometti: sculpting a walking person.


    June 29: Giorgio de Chirico: creating a surrealistic landscape with a strong perspective. Watercolor.


    JULY: Realisms of XX Century


    July 6: Norman Rockwell and the art of Illustration. 


    July 13: Andrew Wyeth: the Power of a Realistic Detail. Drawing a realistic landscape from a photograph. Color pencils.


     July 20: Grandma Moses and naive art: a scene from a student’s everyday life. Markers, paper.


    July 27: Roberto Bernardi and hyperrealism. Painting a hyperrealistic candy. Acrylics.


    AUGUST: Stylizations


     August 3: Abstract Expressionists: Pollock, Jones, Sam Francis, Lee Krasner, Robert Motherwell. 


    August 10: Banksy: minimalistic storytelling. Drawing an expressive figure using only two tones: black and white. Ink on paper.


    August 17: Roy Lichtenstein. Creating a painting on canvas, inspired by Comic Art. Acrylics.


    August 24: Frank Stella: Creating an abstract colorful 3D relief. Recycling materials


    August 31: Hayo Myadzaki

Our calendar for the 2020-2021 school year:

First day of classes - Monday 8/31/20
Labor Day weekend - NO CLASSES - Saturday 9/5/20 - Monday 9/7/20
Thanksgiving break - NO CLASSES - Monday 11/23/20 - Sunday 11/29/20
Christmas break - NO CLASSES - Monday 12/21/20 - Sunday 1/3/21
Last day of classes - Friday 5/28/21

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