Monumental winter landscapes, energetic winter sports, traditional winter celebrations - this camp is all about winter! Students will bring home several winter related paintings and master oil/acrylic painting skills.

Bring your own lunch and snacks (or buy them next door).
High-quality art materials provided.


PAINTING WINTER (online, 8-14 yrs)

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  • Dates: December 21-24, 2020 

    Location: Online

  • Day 1:

    Winter landscapes: painting light and shadow on the snow, reflected colors of the sky. Winter trees: painting thick and thin branches and snow on them.

    9am-12pm & 12:30-3:30pm. 

    Full day students paint on a bigger canvas and add people, houses and other details.


    Day 2:

    Animals in Winter: what they do to get through the cold winter months. Learning about bird and animal anatomy, and how to make feathers and fur look realistic. 

    9am-12pm: Animals

    12:30-3:30pm: Birds


    Day 3:

    Winter sports: drawing and painting human figure in motion on gorgeous backgrounds of snow. 

    9am-12pm &12:30-3:30pm.

    Full day students paint on bigger canvases and add more details.

    Day 3: 

    9am-12pm &12:30-3:30pm:

    Winter celebrations: Chirstmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Chinese New Year, Carnivals in Venice and Rio, Mardi Gras.

    Full day students paint on bigger canvases, or make pictures of two different winter holidays.


Our calendar for the 2020-2021 school year:

First day of classes - Monday 8/31/20
Labor Day weekend - NO CLASSES - Saturday 9/5/20 - Monday 9/7/20
Thanksgiving break - NO CLASSES - Monday 11/23/20 - Sunday 11/29/20
Christmas break - NO CLASSES - Monday 12/21/20 - Sunday 1/3/21
Last day of classes - Friday 5/28/21

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