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Camps! Camps! Camps! Thanksgiving camps!

  • AROUND THE WORLD IN $ DAYS (6-10 yrs)

996 Saratoga avenue, SAN JOSE, CA 95129

This is an inspiring and educational journey across the globe. Let your kids take it - and they will bring you souvenirs made by their own hands!


2105 Old Middlefield Way #D, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94043

Learn to draw historic dresses, hairstyles, carriages and machines, along with humans, horses and landscapes! Take a peek at the era of American exploration and great technological progress!!!

  • FAN ART (10-16 yrs)

2424 Clement street, San Francisco, CA 94121

Bring your favorite book/movie or video game and spend a week creating cool fan art in a company of fans like you!

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