Saturdays. Mountain View. All summer long.

4-7 yrs: 10-10:50pm,

8-12 yrs: 11am-1pm, 

Advanced Teens: 5:00-7:00pm

As always, our summer program is dedicated to various artists of the XX century (each year different), while our school year program looks deeper into the past. 



JUNE: Modern Art:


June 1: Picasso and cubism: incorporating stages of motion into a drawing. Pastels.


June 8: Henry Mattise and colorful silhouettes: creating a still life from nature using paper cutouts.


June 15: Gustav Klimt: Including ornaments into realistic drawings. Markers, color pencils.


June 22: Alberto Giacometti: sculpting a walking person.


June 29: Giorgio de Chirico: creating a surrealistic landscape with a strong perspective. Watercolor.


JULY: Realisms of XX Century


July 6: Norman Rockwell and the art of Illustration. 


July 13: Andrew Wyeth: the Power of a Realistic Detail. Drawing a realistic landscape from a photograph. Color pencils.


July 20: Grandma Moses and naive art: a scene from a student’s everyday life. Markers, paper.


July 27: Roberto Bernardi and hyperrealism. Painting a hyperrealistic candy. Acrylics.

AUGUST: Stylizations


August 3: Abstract Expressionists: Pollock, Jones, Sam Francis, Lee Krasner, Robert Motherwell. 


August 10: Banksy: minimalistic storytelling. Drawing an expressive figure using only two tones: black and white. Ink on paper.


August 17: Roy Lichtenstein. Creating a painting on canvas, inspired by Comic Art. Acrylics.


August 24: Frank Stella: Creating an abstract colorful 3D relief. Recycling materials


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winter art camps san francisco
Art Camps San Francisco
Art Camps San Francisco
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2105 Old Middlefield Way #D, Mountain View, CA 94121

Our calendar for the 2020-2021 school year:

First day of classes - Monday 8/31/20
Labor Day weekend - NO CLASSES - Saturday 9/5/20 - Monday 9/7/20
Thanksgiving break - NO CLASSES - Monday 11/23/20 - Sunday 11/29/20
Christmas break - NO CLASSES - Monday 12/21/20 - Sunday 1/3/21
Last day of classes - Friday 5/28/21

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