art camp for kids 10-16 years old

Online dates: 6/28 - 7/2 (full), 8/9-13
Mountain View, San Francisco 
 dates:  8/9-13

Half day: 

9am-12pm or

12:30- 3:30pm PST


Half day: 

9am-12pm PST


The online camps will be held ONLINE via the ZOOM video conference. Students will need access to a computer / tablet / phone with an internet connection and Art materials will be available for pickup from the studio a few days before the start of the camp,  (dates and details will be provided). We can also amazon them to you upon request if you purchase the camp before November 19, 2020.

Camp Description: 

Sketching is a very important way to develop your drawing and observation skills, it helps you to draw freely and can be a basis for your final work or be considered as a work of art on their own.

In this course, we will study different techniques and talk about composition and color theory to master your sketching skills.

Refund Policy:

We are not offering refunds for new purchases. However, full credit towards future bookings or transfer to another camp/class will be offered for any cancellations made up to 24 hrs before the camp or class start. 

If camp or class is cancelled due to gathering restrictions or shelter in place order placed by state or county authorities, similar online camp/class will be held instead. Students can cancel their registration if online learning does not work for them, with the full credit towards future in person camp/class.

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Detailed schedule:
Day 1: 
9am - 12 pm: Getting to know the material:  Introduction. Techniques (using shapes of your pastel effectively, shading, blending, powder painting, stencils, and more). Landscape. Underpainting technique.
12:30pm - 3:30pm: Flowers. Mixed media (watercolor, acrylic, soft pastel on craft paper).
Day 2:
9am - 12 pm: Sketching simple everyday objects. Learning about representation of 2D objects on 3D surfaces.
Graphite pencils, charcoals.
12:30-3:30pm: Arial and linear perspective. Sketching architecture. Graphite and color pencils, liners.
Day 3:
9am - 12 pm: Basics of facial anatomy. Sketches of facial features. Sketches of human and faces in various projections. Pencil, soft pastels.
12:30-3:30 Basics of animal head and body anatomy. Quick sketches of animals. Pencil, soft pastels.
Day 4:
9am - 12 pm: Master copy of a portrait. Learning to draw people alike. Soft pastels.

12:30-3:30pm: Human proportions and body anatomy. Sketching people. Coloring pencils and markers.
Day 5:
9am - 12 pm and 12:30-3:30pm: Final project of a choice. Drawing your favorite landscape, object, person, or pet. Material of a choice.
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