Pastels can be so much more than simple crayons and quick sketches! Since 16 century it was used by many great artists to create unique paintings. In this course, we will study not only different techniques but also talk about composition and color theory, to master your painting skills.

It will be held ONLINE via ZOOM video conference. Students will need access to a computer / tablet / phone with internet connection and zoom.us. After the lecture and demonstrations teachers regularly check and correct the digital image of a student's work, explain what works in particular cases and what does not, and why.


 online art workshop for adults

Mondays 6:00-8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time
10 weekly online classes.
This course is not offered online at the moment.




- Mixed media paper, craft paper

- Soft pastel

- Oil pastel

- Colored pencils (Prismacolor + soft pastel pencils)

- Watercolor

- Acrylic paint

- Brushes 

- 100% pure odorless mineral spirit (Gamsol by Gamblin is recommended https://www.dickblick.com/items/00456-1016/)

- Paper towels

- Wooden toothpicks

- Paper tape

- Graphite pencils, erasers

Detailed Schedule:

Day1 Soft Pastel. Introduction. Techniques (using shapes of your pastel effectively, shading, blending, powder painting, stencils, and more). Abstract artwork.

Day 2 Still-life. Classical technique.

Day 3 Landscape. Underpainting technique.

Day 4 Flowers. Mixed media (watercolor, acrylic, soft pastel on craft paper).

Day 5 Oil pastel. Introduction. Tools and techniques (blending, feathering, scumbling, and more). Abstract artwork.

Day 6 Still-life. Sgraffito technique.

Day 7 Natural Landscape. Underpainting technique.

Day 8 City Landscape. Scumbling technique + colored pencils.

Day 9 Final project of a choice, material of a choice.

Day 10 Final project of a choice, material of a choice.

Refund Policy:

We are not offering refunds for new purchases. However, full credit towards future bookings or transfer to another camp/class will be offered for any cancellations made up to 24 hrs before the camp or class start.