Experienced art teachers' live demonstrations, support and feedback in the comfort of your home.

It all started with Covid restrictions, and grew into the online art school!


Starting March 2020, Art School of SF Bay has switched all classes to the online format. We worked hard to adjust our art program to the new way of learning, and with great success. The instructional methods used in our studios proved to work in the online environment and even benefit from it.   

Our live online art classes are being taught via Zoom. Students will need access to a computer / tablet / phone with internet connection and, a working camera and a microphone. Teacher starts a class with the lecture and demonstration (some lectures can be pre-recorded). Students start working and show their works to the teacher upon request (every 7-10 minutes). Teacher checks and corrects the digital image of a student's work, explaining what works in a particular case and what does not, and why. 



Each lesson with children is an exciting adventure. Their vision of reality is different, based on their personality, background and age! They are always open to experimentation and play, and almost never afraid of a failure.

We offer art classes for kids of all ages and levels. Please find the right fit below and join us for a demo class!


We help teenagers master drawing and painting at a professional level, create amazing portfolio pieces and make friends among other art fans of their age. Our school offers a variety of ongoing classes and limited time workshops for teens with various interests: from manga and comic art to realistic paitnting and drawing, using all approachable at media.


Wether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced art hobbist, at our school you will find a course that will move your skills to the next level. We have general courses that cover all key elements of fine arts, courses that help you master a particular art medium, and short workshops dedicated to artistic methods and techniques.

Teens are allowed to join adult classes, too.

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Creative self portrait by Hannah Helmy
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Creative self portrait by another Dasha_
Manga figure in foreshortening, drawn fr