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art workshop for adults

This course will help art lovers master various methods of oil and acrylic painting, and develop a personal unique style! We will work on painting nature: landscape composition, clouds, waves, waterfalls, trees, sun spots; learn to represent texture of various objects; we will practice expressing character and emotions in portraits, set up the mood of the painting, and deliver the right artistic message through it. 

High-quality art materials are provided and included in the course price. 

14 weekly in-person classes:

Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm
4/20 - 7/27, 2023
teacher Hugo Kobayashi

Tuesdays, 6:20-8:20 pm
4/11 - 7/25, 2023
teacher Cody Blocker


Thursdays, 6:20-8:20 pm 
4/20 - 7/20, 2023
teacher Masha Ashikhmina

To schedule make ups for the missed classes, contact your teacher directly.


Detailed Schedule:

Acrylic Painting


Introduction: Color theory and color mixing. Expressing mood through color. Painting simple colorful objects, learning to assess the desired color. Demonstrations and practice of various acrylic and oil techniques.

Day 2  

Impressionism versus classical painting. Starting a master copy of your favorite work of an impressionist artist (Monet /Pissarro / Gauguin / Van Gogh)

Day 3 

Tips on painting grass, clouds, water, and mountains. Finishing the landscape. 

Oil Painting: Still Life

Day 4 Starting a still life: introduction to classical oil painting. Compositional thumbnails, preparing a cartoon (drawing on thin paper), priming a canvas.

Day 5 Continue working on a small still life. Making an underpainting.

Day 6 First layer of color. Changes in color temperature. Tips on painting metal, glass, silky fabrics, text.

Day 7 Second layer of paint.

Day 8 Final touches, varnishes. Finishing the still life.

Oil Painting: Portrait or Creative Composition

Day 9 Intro on human anatomy. Compositional thumbnails.

Day 10 Working on a drawing, priming a canvas, transferring the drawing to the canvas.

Day 11 Working on the underpainting.

Day 12 First layer of glazes

Day 13 Second layer of glazes

Day 14 Final layer of glazes.

Sample instructional video:

Refund Policy:

We are not offering refunds for new purchases. However, full credit towards future bookings or transfer to another camp/class will be offered for any cancellations made up to 24 hrs before the camp or class start. 

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