online art workshop for teens 13-18 years old

teacher: Maria Zhalnina
(in collaboration with experts in the mentioned fields of study)
Ever wondered what to do with your passion to drawing? This course will help! We will take a peek at the most popular art professions of XXI century. You will learn what it feels like to be: an artist who creates worlds and characters for movies and games, a designer who creates everyday objects that everyone loves, an architect who designs ergonomic buildings, a fine artist who creates powerful messages that resonate with people's minds.  Even though most art is currently made in digital form, digital drawing skills are not required for this course (we have  other courses dedicated to digital arts). What required is your ability do draw fluently from your imagination. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend taking the All About Drawing course first.
For Game Design, please check our Character Design course.

It will be held ONLINE via ZOOM video conference. Students will need access to a computer / tablet / phone with internet connection and After the lecture and demonstrations teachers regularly check and correct the digital image of a student's work, explain what works in particular cases and what does not, and why.

2 hours weekly
Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm Pacific Standard Time
Next session starts in September. Click "register" to place yourself on a waitlist.



Detailed Schedule:

Fashion Design

Day1 Intro to Fashion Design: overview, history, concept sketches. Style of fashion illustration.

Day 2 Creating a prêt-à-porter collection. Starting work on a project.

Day 3 Creating a prêt-à-porter collection. Finishing work, final touches.

Day 4 Creating a haute couture collection: Starting work on a project.

Day 4 Creating a haute couture collection: Finishing work, final touches.

User Experience / Visual Designer

(Web and App Design)

Day1 Intro to User Experience and Visual Design: overview.

Day 2 Creating a web/app page layout.

Day 3  Creating a set of icons. Starting work.

Day 4 Creating a set of icons. Final touches.


Day 1 Intro to the history of architecture. Main architectural styles. Drawing elements of a selected style. Commercial, residential, and community buildings.

Day 2

Designing an eco-friendly house. Facade and floor plan sketches.

Day 3

Making a 3D model of a house.

Cardboard boxes, lego, recycling materials. Starting the project.

Day 4

Making a 3D model of a house.

Cardboard boxes, lego, recycling materials. Finalizing the project.

Day 5

Side project: Interior designer. Designing a room in a house.

Movie and Theater Production

Day 1

Introduction, starting working on sketches for staging of a selected book or play (please choose one in advance).

Day 2

Making a storyboard.

Day 3

Setting up color pallets, starting work on a related project (decorations, costumes, storyboard, or a location set up). Starting the projet.

Day 4

Setting up color pallets, starting work on a related project (decorations, costumes, storyboard, or a location set up).

Finishing the project.


- Sketchbook
- Drawing tools kit (graphite pencils at least 3 different softness, charcoal pencils - black and white, kneaded eraser, charcoal sticks, sharpener, blending tools, eraser)
- Black liner
- Black paper or board - 14x17 or bigger
- White paper or board - 16x20 or bigger
- Drawing/charcoal paper - 5 pages 
- Bristol Velum or Mixed Media paper - 5 pages
- Mixed Media or Charcoal paper 16x20 min - 1 page (for portrait)
- Watercolor paint and brush

Refund Policy:

We are not offering refunds for new purchases. However, full credit towards future bookings or transfer to another camp/class will be offered for any cancellations made up to 24 hrs before the camp or class start.