Sculpting for Homeschoolers
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Art Class for Homeschoolers SF Bay
Art Class for Homeschoolers
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Homeschooling Art Program South Bay
Homeschooling Arts
Art for Homeschoolers
Homeschooling art lesson in Mountain


Homeschoolers can join any other online and in-studio classes of our school, and use the OG funds for them.

It is often a challenge to incorporate a solid and versatile art program into a busy  schedule of homeschoolers.

In a core of our homeschooling course lays our well tested original program which incorporates art history, art exploration and skill development. We believe that art should be an important part of education but we also believe that learning art should be a joyful and fun experience.
Our course consists of carefully planned topics covering art from ancient civilizations to modern. Short lecture introduces a topic, following by an art project, allowing kids to explore new technics and styles.


Each lesson covers an important art concept, needed for fluent representational drawing and painting. It is combined with an intro to a cultural phenomena: a style, and epoch, or a single artist. Students get to create their original artworks from scratch within the guidelines of the topic. Each topic can be adjusted to a variety of levels, from beginners to advanced.

Art teaching is an interactive process. We start a lesson with a short lecture and demonstration (live in studios, pre-recorded for online lessons). Teachers provide advice, help, correct the digital image of a student's work, explain what works in particular cases and what does not, and why.

This year, we are allowed to open in-studio classes with a reduced number of students, and in stable groups. Therefore trial classes are available online only.

Sample instructional video:

2 hours weekly. online: $150 monthly , in-studio : $160 monthly

(high-quality art materials included). 15% off for a sibling.