Summer Camp "Design Your Video Game" Portfolio. July 20-24, 2015.



Video Game Design

Genre: Adventure

By Kiki Nguyen, 13 yrs



Princess Nyu finds that her family is in danger. She will have to travel to six different worlds to save them. Each world has the same people, but they act different. She will have to climb into bed before the false world dies with her in it. Nurse Takayo Miyo is suspicious and dislikes Nyu.



The goal of the game is to save and survive. Obstacles are people of the six worlds, objects, natural disasters, and the suspicious nurse. After you complete the six worlds, there is a big disaster that happens in reality. 




Player is nice, hurried, careful, and can learn from what she did wrong. She has these emotions and abilities with the help of the nurse, her family, the disasters, and the false worlds.



1) House:

Mood: Peaceful

Objects: Family, Nurse, Aunt

Interactive: Family, natural disasters, Nurse


2) Rikanimiza Village:

Mood: Peaceful, busy

Objects: Siblings, Nurse

Interactive: Natural disasters


3) Forest:

Mood: Gloomy, dark, wet

Objects: Family, Nurse

Interactive: Real world, Nurse, school bus, fire




Arrow buttons for forward, back, left, and right. 

Action Buttons: Talking, defending, jumping, fighting, climbing, and sleeping.



  • Title Screen

  • Map Select

  • Game


    Assessment / Next Level

  • End Credits


Princess MissMikimiki Nyu Mint Coyotiss Harumi Tsukiyomi

Higurashi House

Secondary characters


Main menu

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