Summer Camp "Design Your Video Game" Portfolio. July 20-24, 2015.

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Video Game Design

Genre: Action-adventure

By Liam Blum, 12 yrs



The character is trying to find both parts of a relic to summon the Demon Azil from the abyss in order to destroy him. (The place where Azil comes from is very dangerous).



The goal of the game is to defeat the final boss, Azil, but first you must defeat all of his minions and the saber-toothed tiger named Fang and the dragon named Draconis.



The player has a quick wit and is fast to learn new abilities. He keeps his calm in the midst of battle.




1) Floating Islands:

Mood: Nervous; don't know what will happen next

Objects: Pools of water, trees, bridges

Interactive: Minions of Azil, villages, flying fishes (which can hit you back and off the island)



2) Volcanoes:

Mood: Dark, dangerous

Objects: Volcanoes, clouds, bridges 

Interactive: Azil himself



Q, W, E, R for abilities, left click for basic attack and right click to move (mouse buttons). 



  • Title Screen

  • Map Select

  • Game


    Assessment / Next Level

  • End Credits


Main character.


Floating islands

Azul's Crown


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